You remember the story. It starts something like “The Sun and the Clouds were having an argument.” Well, we’re still watching the battle – cheering for the Sun – and basking with Jupiter when the good stuff happens.

We’ve gone to the back forty a couple times to beef up the wood shed stock  Dreary skies have prevented us from starting up the in-floor heat – which relies on the electric hot water tank.

We assume this has been the cloudiest winter on record – but then we’re particularly sensitive to the shyness of the sun since moving in to the new place (at the solstice) and relying 100% on it for electric power.

November and December were cloudy AND snowy. Here friend Jonah L is using a snow-taker-offer I cobbled from a branch trimmer extendo-arm partnered with a 2 ft wide window sqyeegie (I need vocabulary help today!) We need to capture every watt of power we can.

The cold storage has shown up as a reliable force in these low power conditions. We haven’t even tried to run a fridge – and really feel no need for one. For a few extra steps we get to walk right into a fridge – that remains stalwart at 4 degrees. Perfect.

For all our disappointment in the sun’s performance of late, we’re totally comforted being in our beautiful, warm home. Lots to do for sure, but time we have. Thank-you, thank-you friends, family and neighbours for making it possible. Love, love.