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We do not charge GST or PST.

New Rates – as of 1 Jan 2022.

When COVID hit in early 2020 we based our rates on a reduced Family Rate. We further encouraged folks to bring their own linens/towels and take away their garbage/recycling by offering additional rate reductions. We’ve been busy and almost everyone has chosen the linens/garbage arrangement. 

We’ll continue offering the linen/garbage reductions – but now as the base amount. If you want us to make beds and provide towels (which we’re totally willing to do) the cost is 10% above the rates below. If you need us to take care of your garbage and recycling, there’ll be an additional 5% added. (We have plenty of blankets – so no need to bring these.)

We’re now basing our rates on the number of Adults in the group – rather than on families. This way single guests get a break and large groups pay their fair share. An adult for our purposes is 13 years and older. Children 12 and under are free. If the cost is discouraging because you have older teens, please let us know and we can negotiate. We want your children to enjoy this place. Thank-you. 

Hopefully you’ll find our new rates easier to understand as well. Thanks for your interest in all we offer.

Straw Bale Guesthouse Rates

Single Guest      $80 per night       If 3 nights or more – 20% off total bill

Two Adults         $120 per night      If 3 nights or more – 20% off total bill

Larger Groups   Begin with the Two Adults rate and add $20 per each additional person. If 3 nights or more – 20% off total bill. 

Food From the Farm- During the garden season you can collect herbs, veggies and fruit to add to your meals – free of charge. We’ll let you know what’s available and ripe.

Rustic Pond House Rates

For a more secluded experience, consider using the Pond House which overlooks the beaver pond.  It’s equipped with solar power for minimal lighting, firewood and a stove for warmth, beds and a sofa.  The outdoor fire pit is provided for cooking and evening campfires.  A two burner propane stove is also supplied – as are some candles and toilet paper. Bring your own bedding, food and cooking utensils. When wood stove heat is required, the maximum # of adults is 3. When the weather permits, there is room for as many as 8 adults in the Pond House.

$50 for the first person and $15 for each additional person. Maximum rate of $95 per night. If 3 nights or more – take 20% off total bill. 
















Camping space is available. Please inquire.


Per tent or Family:  $25 per night