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Guesthouse, greenhouse, garden, and woodland sanctuary located on the north slope of
Turtle Mountain in Southwestern Manitoba.


Escape to simplicity

We have a Straw Bale Guesthouse, Pondhouse and camping options available.


Extend your growing season

Find out more about our greenhouse and how we can help you with your garden.

Appreciate pure goodness

Find out more about our garden and greenhouse.


Get your hands dirty

Find out more about wwoofing and internship opportunities.


No Greenhouse Plants as we build our new house. Sorry.

Please take a look at our Guesthouse 'Hunting' page.

A little bit about us

We, David Neufeld and Maggie Andres along with Kholiswa, Ezra, Teyana, Jonah, and countless friends, family and WWOOFers (traveling organic farm workers) have romanced this woodland farm (greenhouse, guesthouse, garden and guided experiences) since 1991. Our aim is to live, use and make a living on this bit of paradise while respecting and adding to the diverse wildness of the land around us.

Our approach has offered us insights into ways of fashioning a simple yet comfortable lifestyle within this prairie parkland. Weโ€™re interested in sharing these insights โ€“ and learning more as we do – believing that respectful food growing/collecting is nourishing for the soul and ever more in demand in the dwindling-petroleum world.

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Find out more about our Straw Bale Guesthouse and Pondhouse .

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