A change to the plan. That sweet structure on the top of the model is called a ‘cupola’. Till last week we were thinking a couple dormers in the roof would be the way to get more light inside, but for simplicity and aesthetic reasons we’re going back to the clean roof. The cupola will hopefully do what we wanted the dormers to do.

The other day it dawned on me, that we were designing a home that could very well be good at listening. For about a decade I’ve been ‘pie in the sky’ designing small cabins that we could build here and there to celebrate the great natural sounds of the land. In my mind they’d look like a person with hands cupped behind the ears. Imagine sitting inside the round ‘head’ of the cabin with wings to the side that become the cupped ears. The wetlands would be particularly amazing inside this ‘head’.

Then, as I was standing behind the model, the cupped ears image come back to me. I realized like a warm hug that we had unconsciously designed our new home with cupped ears. No guarantees. You’ll have to come visit and try it out. Spring and summer are ideal with birds flapping and calling and beaver slapping. But there are great surprises in winter as well – especially boisterous ravens, yippy coyotes and, when it’s really quiet, pawing deer.

Structurally, we’re working on a plan to put an insulation lined heat sink under the main house. What would be better – do you think – water tanks, wet sand or rocks? The idea is that we’d place solar hot air collectors downhill from the house that would naturally push heat up the hill into the rock, sand or water collector and that the heat would collect all simmer and be available in winter. Crazy?

Thanks for your comments. I’m not getting around to answering promptly, but we’re absorbing the love and ideas. Best. David and Maggie