’72 VW Camper Van for Sale. Safetied and ready to go.                          29 May 2017

This ’72 VW camper van is in excellent condition and has served us well for 15 years. We register it from June to end of September every year – mostly driven in MB and SK. We find we’re not using it as much now that our family is grown. It’s sporting a newly rebuilt engine – by Bill Smedts Auto Restore. Oil pressure and temperature gauges. Minimal rust. Dbl bed, upper adult cot and front child cot. Seat belts for 6. Repair manuals. ’73 parts van. Look up Kijiji and TheSamba sites to see what classic, mint VW vans are going for. Contact us David/Maggie at 204.534.2303. Text 204.305.0528. Email roomtogrowdm@gmail.com. Or FB message me with detailed contact info. We’re near Boissevain in SW Manitoba.

6 photos below. (Formatting needs work. Sorry.)

Miles. The odometer shows 36,000 – cycled twice so the body has 236,000 miles. The re built motor has about 300 miles.

Performance. Like most type 2 motors, it needs a warm-up time – depending on the weather. Once warm it accelerates steadily. Once on the road and warm it is impressive – in how well it bucks the wind and climbs hills – well, prairie hills. The twin carb motor (that we got from our parts van) has a conversion kit making it a single carb – which has served us well and so got it put onto the rebuilt.

Camper features. Ice box with drain. Sink with water pump and fold down shelf for dirty/clean dishes. Outside prep. table – usable when the side door is open. Ample storage space under seats and in clothes closet. Pop-up top with an adult size cot on top. Main bed is good for two adults. Comes with a child cot that installs over the driver and passenger seats. Screen clicks into back window opening so the back can be left open. Extra seat (w/o seat belt) fits between front seats or can be taken outside. Good sized fold up table available when the main bed is swung up into a bench seat.

Parts Van, etc. We have a ’73 van that is similar that we’ve used for parts. The parts van has some damage to a window but could be restored with much love. We have repair manuals and misc. parts.

Misc. It’s registered till end of June 2017. The driver’s seat needs some repair. We’ve never hooked up the heater. The only accident was some minor damage to the front – so that paint is brighter. The entire van was painted in 1998 and has held up well.

Price options:

Safetied ’72 plus the parts van                                                                                                     $12,500

Safetied ’72 (no parts van)                                                                                                           $12,000

’73 Parts van                                                                                                                                   $1,000

The parts van would need a trailer and a way to get it loaded. I have a tractor thatcould help.