All Hunters. What we offer.

Although we grew up with folks who did little hunting, we highly appreciate the skill and patience needed. We offer accommodation and modest guiding support for bow, black powder, shot gun and rifle hunters. If you don’t have land owner contacts in the area, we can refer you – and introduce you if desired.


Bow hunters – white-tailed deer.

We offer you the added service of helping to set up on this quarter section of bush, trails, stream and marsh. We allow bow hunting only on Room To Grow property. We preserve this quarter as a wildlife refuge – keeping it as quiet as possible.


What’s available to hunt?

Turtle Mountain, Whitewater Lake and the marshes in between offer excellent hunting possibilities. In order of frequency we get Deer, Goose, Duck, Moose and Elk hunters. We now also have Wild Turkeys in the area. We’ve seen sign of Wild Boar in the area – which have an open season. Because the coyote population is still curving up and the deer population is trying to rebuild after hard winters in 2010-11, there’s a fair amount of coyote hunting as well. Their winter pelts are looking good.

Manitoba Hunting Guide.


Some reasons hunters come back to us every year. We:

  • Offer Guesthouse comfort (hot/cold indoor plumbing) or – if you prefer – the rustic style of the Pond House.
  • Have a kitchen (fridge, stove/oven, toaster, coffee press, pots, utensils) in the Guesthouse.
  • Provide a cutting table, bins, cool hanging space and an off-cut / feather disposal service.
  • Have good knowledge of the area having grown in the Turtle foothills.
  • Allow dogs freely in the Pond House and in kennels in the Straw Bale Guesthouse.
  • Have both the Guesthouse and Pond House as independent buildings with wood fire heat.
  • Live within a couple minutes walk and I, David, work here, so we’re available at any hour.
  • Want to hear what your specific needs are.

And personally we gain a lot of knowledge by interacting with hunting guests.