What’s New at Room to Grow?

Main Trail. The beaver have built up ponds so as to flood our main trail. You can get around by crossing a narrow bridge at one spot and over the beaver damn at the other. How dry you’ll be depends on how nimble you are and how much it’s rained. Rubber or hiking boots are advised in spring, summer and fall. You can make your own or we can provide hiking sticks to help with balance. Beaver populations go up and down depending on the amount of poplar (their favourite food) there is. They’re at their height now with most of the younger, easier to get wood being taken, so rather than limiting them or building up our crossings to the extreme, we’re choosing to observe and adjust.

Straw Guesthouse Roof. We’ve covered the worn asphalt shingles with tin to add longevity and give you more of that gentle rain-on-the-roof sound.

Romancing beside the Pond. We’re moving forward with our retirement house plans. You can take part by following on our blog (click here), by lending a hand if we’re doing something practical or offering questions, observations and ideas at any time. It’ll be built into the hill so the north is protected from winter weather and the south is open to the sun above and the pond below. We want it to collect all the water we need, absorb and retain heat, make usable our waste, generate and store electricity and be a beautiful place for an active, aging couple to be happy with visiting family and friends. We want the building to use the wood and soil in the immediate area, to handle any weather our mother has in store, to fit into the landscape, and, to enhance our marriage. Therefore ‘Romancing Beside the Pond’ from a variety of perspectives

Welcome to Room to Grow Guesthouse and Get-Away

Room to Grow is situated on one hundred and sixty acres of organically managed, gently rolling, wooded land. Make the entire property your home – on the trails, in the clearings, by the ponds or in the garden. We’re open all year round. When you’re ready for an outing, you can visit nearby International Peace Gardens, Turtle Mountain Provincial Park, Whitewater Lake Bird Habitat, Town of Boissevain and Souris River Bend.

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