What’s New at Room to Grow?


New Rates – as of 1 Jan 2022.

Gas prices. We’re fully aware that most of our guests drive at least 3 hours to get here. So we’re keeping our rates as is, even though the cost of living is rising. 

When COVID hit in early 2020 we based our rates on a reduced Family Rate. We further encouraged folks to bring their own linens/towels and take away their garbage/recycling by offering additional rate reductions. We’ve been very busy and almost everyone has chosen the linens/garbage arrangement. 

We’ll continue offering the linen/garbage reductions – but now as the base amount. If you want us to make beds and provide towels the cost is 10% above the rates below. If you need us to take care of your garbage and recycling, there’ll be an additional 5% added. (We have plenty of blankets – so no need to bring these.)

We’re now basing our rates on the number of Adults in the group – rather than on Families, This way individual guests get a break and large groups pay their fair share. An adult for our purposes is 13 years and older. Children 12 and under are free. If the cost is discouraging because you have older teens, please let us know and we can negotiate. We want you to be able to come and enjoy this place. Thank-you. 

Hopefully you’ll find our rates easier to understand as well. Thanks for your interest in all we offer.


There is Wifi in the straw bale guesthouse and modest cell service in the guesthouse and pond house. 

Main Trail. (Summer, Fall and Spring) The beaver have built up ponds so we’ve needed to reroute a portion of our main trail. It’s all marked and trimmed. Rubber or hiking boots are advised in spring, summer and fall.

Off the Main Trail. (Winter) We encourage you to bring snowshoes, XCountry Skis or at least good snow/ice boots and use the creek and ponds as unique pathways. You need to be sure (by talking to us and/or using your own tools and skills) that the ice will hold you – and learn to recognise by sight and sound where springs and open water are (never very deep) so as to assure safety. There is so much animal track, evidence of beaver and unique tree growth in these frozen spaces. 

Sustainability Tours and Discussions

We’re offering tours of our rammed earth, solar powered (off grid) home. We are also willing to arrange a time to sit down to offer design guidance to help inspire and inform your sustainability planning. Some aspects we have confidence in – are – building design, extreme weather gardening, greenhouse design and management, food storage, solar power conservation and design, captured water, earthen floors, rammed earth walls. natural cooling, low impact living, medicinal herb gathering, etc. Payment for the initial discussion / tour is by donation. Please visit the News & Blog section for stories and photos of our recent building project.

Wild Animals

Although Turtle Mountain is safe to walk, ski and bike, there are coyotes. We’re generally not concerned as they are most wary of humans but it’s a good idea to be alert. There have been sightings of bear, cougar and wolf on Turtle Mountain, but as far as we know these are just passing through and have not established permanent homes here. There have been no reports of aggressive behaviour from these visitors. Moose are moving back onto the mountain and are always a concern – especially if you encounter a mother with a calf. it’s best to be cautious. 


Welcome to Room to Grow Guesthouse and Get-Away

Room to Grow is situated on one hundred and sixty acres of organically managed, gently rolling, wooded land. Make the entire property your home – on the trails, in the clearings, by the ponds or in the garden. We’re open all year round. When you’re ready for an outing, you can visit nearby International Peace Garden (closed to Canadians during the pandemic), Turtle Mountain Provincial Park, Whitewater Lake Bird Habitat, Town of Boissevain and Souris River Bend.

Please visit ‘About This Place’ to learn more about our vision and hosting style.

Please also see for intriguing stories of historical places to visit in Southwest Manitoba – including 20+ geo-cache sites.

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